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Spectra Design, Incorporated was founded in 2007 to commercialize solid surface technology that was literally invented in a barn in rural western Michigan. Darrell Sult, Spectra Design’s President and the inventor of SpectraStone particulates, has over 20 years of experience in the solid surface industry. While other solid surface companies make products that are limited to different combinations of background colors and ground particulates, Darrell wanted something totally new – a look that could reenergize the solid surface industry. Experimenting in his barn, Darrell placed colored toothpicks into a resin and molded a small sample.  He was instantly drawn to the look provided by the elongated toothpicks. They were what he wanted – a radical departure from the ground particulates that had saturated the industry.

The only problem was that Darrell had no idea how to make elongated particles from solid surface materials. Working in the evening in his dimly lit barn, where the smell of resin penetrated every last beam, Darrell set off to develop an elongated, or shaped, particle that could effortlessly be incorporated into a solid surface matrix.

By 2005, Darrell had figured out how to make shaped - not ground - solid surface particulates. He christened his new particulates “SpectraStone”, and, realizing that his development was unique, Darrell pursued, and was ultimately granted U.S. patent rights covering his inventions. Through further trial and error, Darrell and the rest of the team at Spectra Design perfected the production of the elongated particles in the quantity and quality necessary for commercial production.

SpectraStone launched its first generation products at the ISSFA show in Las Vegas in 2008. Since then, the first generation products have expanded into a pallet of over fifty different SpectraStone colors. The first generation continues to be a strong offering, with ever expanding color combinations.

Now, SpectraStone has launched its second generation of SpectraStone. The newest SpectraStone offers larger and bolder SpectraStone particles that enable solid surface to be the centerpiece of any space.

Additionally, SpectraStone has embarked on its most ambitious project.  The second generation of products offers a level of customization unheard of in the industry. Through the “Design your Design” web interface, designers can design their own sheets of SpectraStone, in any combination of colors and with differing SpectraStone particles.  And because of the unique size and shape of the SpectraStone particulates, each color used by the designer is cleanly and clearly presented in the solid surface sheet, providing designers unparalleled design capability.  This ability to provide a truly unique and customizable product, all on a turnaround expected of conventional solid surface, is unmatched and again leaves Spectra Design as the leading technological innovator of the solid surface industry.

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